Chick-fil-A Delivery Driver

Riverside, CA

Operator-Led Delivery Driver Role & Responsibilities


At Chick-fil-A Central Ave. & Riverside Plaza it is our goal to be the number one caring company in

Riverside, CA. We intend to accomplish this by valuing relationships, competition, growth, quality,

resilience, and urgency. Our vision for marketing is to have a positive impact on all those we come

into contact with, actively build sales, develop beneficial partnerships, and support the community. 

Job Description

Chick-fil-A Central Ave. & Riverside Plaza is looking for DELIVERY DRIVERS! We are looking for

dedicated individuals who care about the quality of our food and the safety of others on the road.

❖ Pay & Hours: 

⮚ $14/ hr.

⮚ Averages 25-30 hours weekly

❖ Uniform:

⮚ Red Polo

⮚ Black Pants

⮚ Black Belt

⮚ Black Slip Resistant Shoes

❖ Your Impact: 

⮚ Our delivery service team is meant to bring Chick-fil-As well-known hospitality to their front

door, making the world our dining room!

⮚ Make personal connections with guests resulting in our continued community growth.

❖ Benefits:

⮚ Daily Tips

⮚ Sundays Off

⮚ Mileage and Phone Reimbursement

❖ Requirements:

⮚ At least 18 years or older

⮚ Must have registered vehicle that they are willing to use for Deliveries

⮚ Subject to Driver History Background check

⮚ We are looking for friendly, enthusiastic people who enjoy serving customers.

⮚ We are looking for both full-time and part-time team members. Team members must be

available a variety of weekdays and on both Friday and Saturday.

⮚ We are looking for hard-working, team-oriented, friendly and hospitable people.